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2010, April 27

Paying For a Vancouver Streetcar

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Gordon Price argues that the City of Vancouver should be demanding significant public amenities and benefits from the proposed BC Place casino and entertainment complex. In addition to public art, pedestrian connections and ‘green’ building design, Price states the City should demand that the development fund an extension of the former Olympic line to, at least, Pacific Boulevard. This would give the City a permanent, tangible benefit from the project and connect several major tourist destinations. As the development would benefit from having customers delivered right to its door, it should, along with other business beneficiaries, pay for the line. Price uses the Portland Streetcar as a model for his proposal.


2010, April 19

Transport Action BC AGM

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Tuesday April 20 at 6:00 pm Annual General Meeting.

Results of 2010 AGM

President – Matthew Buchanan

Vice-president – John Bakker

Secretary – Rick Jelfs

To contact anyone see our homepage:

2010, April 1

BC Rail Profitable Before Sell-off?

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An article in The Tyee argues that, contrary to provincial government claims, BC Rail was not bankrupt nor a drain on the province’s finances. Will Martin states the company regularly generated positive “net income” and, in the latter years of the 20th century, actually paid dividends of $140,000,000 to the province. His argument is that the provincial Liberals deliberately mis-led taxpayers on BC Rail’s financial situation to create support for the railroad’s privatisation. Several on-line commentators disagree with Martin’s analysis and conclusions.

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